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Depot Bus Service

In an effort to assist families with busy mornings and afternoons, we are excited to offer an expanded depot bus service in Toronto and North York. Here are a few details:

If you are interested in bus service, but none of the locations below are convenient for you, please let us know. If we receive enough interest from certain areas, we will be happy to add additional buses!

Toronto & North York 2019 Schedule

Bus Stop Location Camps at Location AM Departure PM Arrival
1 Maurice Cody JPS: 364 Belsize Drive 8:10am 4:10pm
2 Glenview SPS: 401 Rosewell Avenue Junior Baseball; Multi-Sport; Basketball; and Baseball Lawrence Park 8:25am 3:55pm
3 Memorial Park: 340 Chaplin Crescent Soccer; Flag Football; and Baseball Forest Hill 8:35am 3:45pm
4 Bond Park: 120 Bond Avenue Elite Baseball; and Baseball North York 9:05am 3:15pm

*Note: Due to the Holiday Mondays there will be no buses on July 1st and August 5th.